Silhouette Facial Thread Lift

Botulinum Toxin injections provide the best non-surgical results for smoothing lines, giving you younger-looking skin.

Procedure Time

1 hour


Mild/Moderate Discomfort


Various options

Recovery Time

2-5 days


Last 18 months



Facial Thread Lifts

Facial lift provides immediate redefinition of facial contours, volume definition and skin tightening by the use of bi-directional silhouette Soft sutures (thread).

Areas Treated

Areas treated are:

  • Mid face and jaw line
  • Jaw line and neck
  • Neck
  • Eyebrow
The Procedure

The treatment provides lifting action with the physical presence of bidirectional cones on the thread (suture) providing traction and fixation for subcutaneous tissues.

The thread is inserted under sterile conditions through the skin and into the subcutaneous tissue along predefined vectors, providing the best lift

The procedure is performed by only trained doctors and does not require incision or stitches. The total procedure including consultation will take 90 minutes.

An ideal patient is one who has a drop in the mid face (mid face skin ptosis), loss of malar volume (loss of cheek definition), formation of early jowls, early formation of neck sagging and dropping eyebrows.

Products We Use
  • Silhouette Soft Threads

Silhouette Soft Threads

More information on the product used for this treatment.


Male Thread Lift
Female Thread Lift
Treatment Prices
Silhouette Soft Lift£250–300 per thread

Body treatments coming soon.

Mid and lower face (4 threads)

Neck lift (2 threads)£600
Brow lift (2 threads)£600

“My face looks firmer and fresher!

Having researched the treatment online I decided I would like a Silhouette Soft thread lift. I contacted Dr Ros and she responded immediately. At my initial consultation Dr Ros carefully explained all that would be involved in the procedure; we discussed my expectations of the end result, and she assured me that this could be achieved. I attended for the actual treatment a few days later. I did find the actual procedure much more uncomfortable than anticipated – due to a combination of my poor response to local anaesthetic, my skin type and facial structure. Throughout the procedure Dr Ros was wonderful – she reassured me and completed the thread lift successfully. My face was very tender for several days post treatment, and since I do bruise easily, I was very bruised along the thread lines. Within a week the tenderness had virtually gone, but the bruising did take longer to heal – it was easy to disguise with concealer. I kept in regular contact with Dr Ros, when reassured me that things were progressing as expected. I am delighted with the result of the procedure – my face looks firmer and fresher, I even have cheekbones again! Friends comment on how well I look!

“I chose Dr Ros for my treatment because as soon as I spoke with her on the phone I liked her. We met at my initial consultation and my first impressions of her were confirmed. She is extremely personable, and confident without being ‘pushy’ or arrogant. I felt that I could trust her. Her clinic is lovely – clinical but relaxing! She performed my procedure professionally and confidently, and reassured my of her ongoing support. We have been in regular contact since my treatment, and I will definitely return to her in the future. Highly recommended.”

Carolyn, UK – 2015

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