Laser Treatments

from skin resurfacing to tattoo removal

Procedure Time

10 – 60 minutes


Mild, short-term


Typically, none required

Recovery Time

Up to 1 week




Skin reddening / blistering

Laser hair removal and skin treatments, whether they stem from tattoo removal to skin resurfacing requires serious thought. Lasers are known for the good and unfortunately the bad they can do.

Our choice of lasers at RosMedics have been extensively researched and what we have found is that medical grade machines and those with extensive history are the most successful at giving our clientele the results they want.

British manufactured and listed on the NHS Supply Chain, the LUMINA offers the UK’s most in-demand treatments; hair removal, tattoo removal, anti-ageing and skin resurfacing.

The Lumina Q offers a wide range of treatments by using varying wavelnths and devices to deliver the required treatment:

  • Two highly effective IPL hand pieces as standard, offering various treatment options

  • Long pulsed Nd:YAG upgrade available for those looking to treat all skin types including darker skins

  • Ergonomic, active Q-switched laser upgrade for removal of multi-coloured tattoos

  • Award-winning ResurFACE fractional handpiece upgrade, available for ablative treatments with minimal downtime

Rosmedics offer an all encompassing range of bespoke treatments after an extensive consultation with the resident Dr Ros.

Dr Ros will build a treatment plan designed to suit.

Established IPL to laser hair removal and fractional laser are just standard procedures.

  • Acne
  • Red veins
  • Unwanted hair
  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Sun damage
  • Pigmentation
Long Pulsed Nd:YAG Laser

Option for hair removal on darker skin types IV-VI. Nd:YAG can also be used to treat skin laxity, deeper vessels and fungal nails.

  • Hair removal on darker skin types IV-V
  • Deep rooted vessels
  • Fungal nail
  • Skin laxity
Active Q-Switched Laser

Considered by dermatologists as the safest and most clinically effective treatment for multi-coloured tattoos, the addition of an active Q-switched laser opens a whole new client range.

  • Multi-coloured tattoos
  • Dermal & epidermal pigmentation
ResurFACE Fractional Laser

Add a award-winning fractional ResurFACE handpiece to effectively treat the top aesthetic concerns in the UK, which include:

  • Acne scarring
  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Stretch marks
  • Fine lines & wrinkles
AreaSingle TreatmentCourse of 6 (20% off)
Upper Lip£40£192 (Saving £48)
Bottom Lip£40£192 (Saving £48)
Nostrills/Ears£40£192 (Saving £48)
Chin£50£240 (Saving £60)
Lip & Chin£70£336 (Saving £84)
Side Burns£50£240 (Saving £60)
Cheeks£60£288 (Saving £72)
Forehead£60£288 (Saving £72)
Eyebrows£60£288 (Saving £72)
Front of Neck£50£240 (Saving £60)
Full Neck£70£336 (Saving £84)
Beard & Neck£190£912 (Saving £228)
Lower Face(Sides, lip, chin)£100£480 (Saving £120)
Lower Face & Neck£155£744 (Saving £186)
Full Face170£816 (Saving £204)
AreaSingle TreatmentCourse of 6 (20% off)
Underarms£60£288 (Saving £72)
Breasts£70£336 (Saving £84)
Nipples£50£240 (Saving £60)
Cleavage£50£240 (Saving £60)
Shoulders£70£336 (Saving £84)
Full Back£130£624 (Saving £156)
Half Back£110£528 (Saving £132)
Full Back & Shoulders£180£864 (Saving £216)
Chest£110£528 (Saving £132)
Abdomen£110£528 (Saving £132)
Centre Stomach Line£50£240 (Saving £60)
Chest & Abdomen£180£864 (Saving £216)
Half Arms£90£432 (Saving £108)
Full Arms£150£720 (Saving £180)
Fingers & Hands£50£240 (Saving £60)
Lower Body
AreaSingle TreatmentCourse of 6 (20% off)
– Top£40£192 (Saving £48)
– Sides£70£336 (Saving £84)
– Extended Sides£80£384 (Saving £96)
– Under Carriage(Including Labia)£40£192 (Saving £48)
– Extended UnderCarriage (Peri Anal)£60£288 (Saving £72)
– All£130£624 (Saving £156)
Buttocks£80£384 (Saving £96)
Lower Legs(Including Knees)£150£720 (Saving £180)
Thighs£170£816 (Saving £204)
Full Legs£280£1,344 (Saving £336)
Feet & Toes£50£240 (Saving £60)

“Today is a fantastic day I came to Dr Ros through a friend and I couldn’t be any happier! I had an ugly mole/wart removed from the side if my nose which had made me feel really conscious for years… Not once did I feel nervous in fact I felt relaxed and excited! Dr Ros is amazing, a very calming, insuring person and absolutely lovely. She explained everything she was doing and what she was using. Thank you ever so much for today and your good work and I shall see you soon for more xxx”

Zowie, UK – March 2016

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