3rd June 2015

Caitlyn Jenner vs Kelly Malone

Whilst in clinic today the topic of conversation smoothly shifted from aesthetic treatments to beautiful women and now, omg, men who are now beautiful women!!!

Yes Caitlyn Jenner, previous step father to the the beautiful Kardashian girls.

It’s astounding that the emotional turmoil regarding ones identity can affect a person to such an extent that they seek out medical/aesthetic and psychological help.

Well done Caitlyn Jenner for the big step (she is one brave lady) and stepping out in style, vanity fair no less.

I couldn’t help but compare the difference in our very own Kelly Malone, previous boxing promoter.

She made her intentions clear amidst a barrage of insults and rude noises but her bravery and conviction in herself kept her focused, and she stepped out but a little quieter.¬†Caitlyn stepped out to applause and sounds of support from her family, community and indeed her very own country, I mean even Obama congratulated her. She is giving interviews left right and centre, glorifying in her less than complete change (she hasn’t had her sex change yet) Stark difference between the two yeah? Irrespectively¬†both have had a degree of interaction with the medical cosmetic industry.

Caitlyn Jenner for example, started with her nose being subtly modified, moving on to her face shape (jawline) being filed down to look more feminine, forehead reduction followed with the breast implants. She is looking at having her gender reassignment operation in 12 months. Very similar procedures that Kelly Malone has had to go through, except Kelly has had less support than Caitlyn. Could this be that the USA is a more open mind set to acceptance of cosmetic surgery and aesthetics? We know we can have botox and fillers in our lunch break, grab a coffee then back to work. It seems in the States the majority of people freely talk about their lunch time fixes, where the good old British are much more reserved to boast about their procedures. In my opinion we we are lacking behind the states for our temporary aesthetic fixes, but more and more people young and old are becoming knowledgable to what we can have without going under the knife and at affordable prices.

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